1. Is your mind filled with rage because some believe your elevated position was acheived through luck and social status more than hard work? 2. Does your nose wrinkle at the smell of those loud mobs outside who won't get a damned job? 3. Is your right arm weary of shaking the hands of dirty politicians and the left tired of signing cheques for those same sycophants? 4. Have your legs atrophied from misuse as you are carried on the backs of the working class? 5. Is your empty heart saddened with the thought that your bonus may not be as much this year, even after you trimmed all those positions from the company? 6. Does your pocketbook weigh you down with the vast quantities of cash you have accumulated via loopholes your accountants found in the tax code? 7. Are your balls so big that you can claim with a straight face that you love your country, that you are willing to sacrifice your life for it, but that you are unwilling to sacrifice tax dollars for it? YOU ARE THE 1%