Dear FedEx,

I have never had a problem with your service, until yesterday. Previously all my experience has been so superior to that of other carriers that I’ve regularly insisted on suppliers using your company. But a single missed delivery yesterday has cost me more than any money could make up for.

I was here all day Thursday, with doors wide open and visible from my desk. Your representatives’ excuse that the our side of the duplex was too difficult to find is flimsy. This is a small house with separate addresses next to the doors and deliveries have been made to this half many times before.

There was no monetary loss from not having the part necessary for my car to be drivable. I’m a stay-at-home dad and have no where I ‘need’ to drive to make money. What I lost was:

-Two days I could have spent with my one-year-old son in the park or at the zoo instead of waiting inside next to the door for delivery.
-A rare lunch out with my wife planned for today.
-The ability to go get pain relief for my toddler when he split his lip today (he’s a tough little fellow and OK now after a nap).

I’m writing this while still waiting for the package. And I’m posting this to my blog and social networks in addition to sending through more official channels because I’m angry. And I get angrier every few minutes as my son grabs his shoes, runs toward the door and begs to go to the park.

Thank you for your company’s previous record. But only expletives could relate what feel for you today.